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Aufgeführte Platten sind nicht Bestellbar oder Verkäuflich. Dieser Katalog ist nur eine Auflistung zu Sammlerzwecken Listed Records are not for Sale. It's Only A Collectors List
Arnold, Eddy
A: Little Miss Sunbeam
B: When He Was Young
RCA-Victor 47-7040 D 12,00 €
A: Yesterday's Memories
B: Lonely Balladeer
RCA-Victor 47-8160 D 10,00 €
A: Molly
B: The Song Of The Coo Coo
RCA-Victor 47-8296 D 10,00 €
A: Why
B: Sweet Adorable You
RCA-Victor 47-8363 D 10,00 €
A: The Wayward Wind
B: A Cowboy's Dream
RCA-Victor 47-9522 D 10,00 €
A: Make The World Go Away
B: The Easy Way
RCA-Victor 47-8679 D 8,00 €
Same different Cover D 7,00 €
RCA 1496 GB 3,00 €
RCA 47-8679 US 5,00 €
A: I Want To Go With You
B: Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane
RCA-Victor 47-8749 D 8,00 €
RCA 1519 GB 3,00 €
A: If You Were Mine Mary
B: Molly Darling
RCA 1529 GB 3,00 €
A: Tip Of My Fingers
B: Long Long Friendship
RCA-Victor 47-8869 D 8,00 €
A: Somebody Like Me
B: Taking Chances
RCA-Victor 47-8965 D 8,00 €
A: Lonely Again
B: Love On My Mind
RCA-Victor 47-9080 D 8,00 €
A: Misty Blue
B: Calling Mary Names
RCA-Victor 47-9182 D 8,00 €
A: Turn The World Around
B: The Long Ride Home
RCA-Victor 47-9265 D 8,00 €
A: Here Comes Heaven
B: Baby That's Living
RCA-Victor 47-9368 D 7,00 €
A: It's Over
B: No Matter Whose Baby You Are
RCA-Victor 47-9525 D 7,00 €
A: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
B: Apples Raisins And Roses
RCA-Victor 47-9606 D 7,00 €