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Aufgeführte Platten sind nicht Bestellbar oder Verkäuflich. Dieser Katalog ist nur eine Auflistung zu Sammlerzwecken Listed Records are not for Sale. It's Only A Collectors List
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Hough Harris, Danny Austin, Dave Watt, Norman Donegan, Mary-Ann Thomas USA
Last Update: 30.07.2015
A: The Boy From New York City 2'50
B: Kicked Around 1'47
Vogue 14 289 D 10,00 €
Red Bird 35 009 F 10,00 €
Blue Cat 102 US 10,00 €
A: He Ain't No Angel 2'30
B: Ask Anybody 2'05
Blue Cat BC 114 US 10,00 €
A: On The Corner
B: Oo-Wee, Oh Me, Oh My
Blue Cat BC 119 US 10,00 €
A: Johnny My Baby
B: Just A Down Home Girl
Blue Cat BC 123 US 10,00 €
A: Human
B: New York In The Dark
A.G.P. 100 US 10,00 €
A: Lovely Ladies
B: Neighbor Neighbor
Interphon 7.717 US 10,00 €
A: Don't Ever Leave Me
B: You're In Love
Philips 40 461 US 9,00 €
A: You're Just A Rolling Stone
B: Show A Little Appreciation
Share 101 US 9,00 €
A: The Boys From New York City
B: Kicked Around
Brunswick 000 US 9,00 €
A: Giving Up
B: Apprecation
Share 104 US 9,00 €
A: The Boys From New York City
B: Nothing Worse Than Being Alone
Share 106 US 8,00 €